Monthly Archives: November 2011

Vintage Mod

Cecil McBee girl’s always make an impact with their Mode Gyaru appeal.

Outfit: Fall Inspired Cottons

Loacation: Hokkaido Japan

Stylish Checks

Checks, skorts and candy ring accessories just brighten up the day.

Outfit: Casual Chic Shopping Attire

Loacation: Harajuku Japan

Smart Casual In Harajuku

Boots, jeans and a simple cardigan makes you look ever ready for any shopping trip.

Outfit: Casual Chic Shopping Attire

Loacation: Harajuku Japan

Raging Party Wear

Hot enough to be spotted by us tonight?

Dark Elven

Beautiful emerald green with a splash of spiders bring nature out.

Outfit: Elf & Spider Ghost

Event: Zouk Halloween 2011

D’Gray Man

Jump back into the light of fantasy characters from animations.

Outfit: D Gray Man – Tyki Mikk & Lavi

Event: Zouk Halloween 2011

Pumpkin Head

Metal and chains always make things a tad eerier.

Outfit: Pumpkin Head & Death Man

Event: Zouk Halloween 2011


Ladies Of Attraction

Illuminate the night.

Outfit: Ballerina & Brides

Event: Zouk Halloween 2011

Victorian Appeal

Love how corsets and gowns make such a statement.

Outfit: Victorian Corpse’s

Event: Zouk Halloween 2011

Jester Court

Mixture of Carribean appeal.

Outfit: Pirates

Event: Zouk Halloween 2011